Made In Italy

Made In Italy are the world leaders from the great fashion houses of Italy, yet it is very much the country itself, with it’s traditions of art and craftsmanship that created the environment within which the great names were able to come forward develop and shine.

The creators of Made in Italy wanted help show the world how a wonderfully handcrafted Italian Leather bag did not have to cost the same as a small car. They wanted to show that Italian tailoring, design and workmanship was not limited to a small group of fashion houses based in Milan. And they also wanted the highest quality Italian Vegetable tanned leather that did not only have to be available to the elite. Real quality Italian Leather Goods can be affordable as well as being exclusively expensive. The result is beautiful leather goods that are practical, versatile and lasting. You want to look and feel good wearing it and with the beautiful accessories from Made in Italy you can be sure to.

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