Giorgio Fabiani

There are three words that best describe Giorgio Fabiani Shoes: elegance, quality and craftsmanship. The 40 year history of the Giorgio Fabiani’s brand started with his curiosity of craftsmanship and the development of the brand into a shoe factory situated in Fermo, in the Marche region. From the very beginning his story was marked by a real passion to create outstanding shoes, trying to combine the perfect blend of raw materials, colours, working methods and details.

From the 70’s to today, his passion and  tenacity meant that Giorgio Fabiani could expand his small workshop: it was set up when he was only twenty years old and yet today  is producing shoes for women from all around the world. All the shoes in the collection are designed and produced using traditional methods. The brand of Giorgio Fabiani is now one of the most renowned Made in Italy fashion representative in the world.

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